My Story

My Scentsy Story:I joined Scentsy after much prayer and asking the Lord to show me what His Will would be. I have ALWAYS been a stay-at-home wife/mom and I desired to continue to homeschool but with the pressures of unending bills---babysitting wasn't enough and it was getting to be a lot with trying to homeschool as well SO after my hubby told me to 'go for it' I went for it (before he could change his mind lol)   In fact on January 31st, 2012 he officially became a part of my Scentsy team so we are 'officially' in this together...tells you how much he loves Scentsy too. :-) The way I looked at it was after I made back the monies I invested in purchasing the kit, then after that it was icing on the cake. I have sold another product for which I LOVE but never could get anywhere with the product---a little over priced; something that after you get so much of you don't need anymore; not a real high demand for...BUT SCENTSY is fairly a new company and everyone likes to have a nice smelling home AND Scentsy makes GREAT gifts for ALL occasions.I have some things I remind new consultants:#1 don't compare yourself to others#2 GIVE IT TIME #3 set goalsWhen I began contemplating joining Scentsy, the director who I signed up under told me she made $1400 that month. I honestly sat there and said (TO MYSELF) that will never be me!!! BUT I have been completely surprised. Some months I have more than doubled that amount AND I get to do what I believe the Lord would have be do/be--a stay-at-home wife/mom and homeschool our girls and be active in our church. I can honestly say Scentsy has been an answer to prayer and I thank the Lord to be a part of such a great company.I would love to share the Scentsy opportunity with you.  I offer what I call DECIDER PARTIES where I come to your home or send you a Party In  A Box (for those outside my area) and after you're done with that show you DECIDE if you want to just reap the HOSTESS benefits or if you want to JOIN my team and reap not only the hostess rewards BUT a commission check off that party. I can say---I don't regret joining Scentsy---my only regret is that I didn't join sooner :-) <!--endbody-->